ALDI S.r.l. is looking for property (land/buildings)

Cartina geografica relativa alle regioni interessate

In order to guarantee a widespread presence of our subsidiaries on the Italian territory, we are looking for property (land/buildings) compatible for commercial use - or convertible into  commercial use - in municipalities that are located within the blue highlighted area and with a catchment area of at least 30,000 inhabitants, with the following characteristics:

  • located in busy areas, with good visibility and easily accessible;
  • undeveloped land of at least 5,000 sq.m with the possibility of building a covered area of at least 1,000 sq.m., with a retail area of up to 1,500 sq.m;
  • Existing buildings - even on several levels - with at least 1,000 sq.m of retail area on the ground floor without differences of level and 300 sq.m of goods storage space with a loading/unloading area;
  • A forecourt with at least 80 street level parking places.

We assess purchasing, renting and obtaining a building lease.

Obligatory:If available:

Precise address: Zip code, Town, Road name, Number

Copy of a valid town planning use class certificate

Cadastral data: Cadastral location, sheet, parcel, division

Extract from the territorial zoning plan in force

Copy of the updated cadastral plan

Extract of the technical actuation standards in force

Copy of an updated title search

Site plan/detailed land survey/contour plan

Satellite photo with evidence of the proposed object

Economic request

We offer:

  • A quick review of your offer
  • A fair and abreast collaboration
  • A short decision time

Please send your proposals to the following

e-mail address:


or to:

ALDI S.r.l.

Via Sommacampagna 63/H

37137 Verona

The tenderer is exclusively responsible for the accuracy of the data provided for a precise and complete determination of the object of the proposals. We would like to point out that in absence of the information/documents defined above as “Obligatory” we are - unfortunately - unable to take any of your proposed objects into consideration.

Any rights of real estate brokerage, if due, will in any case be acknowledged only and exclusively to qualified and authorised subjects as laid down by Italian law.

All the data provided will be processed in conformity with the Italian law in force as regards personal data processing.

This notice does not represent under any circumstance a legally binding offer or  commissioning  by ALDI S.r.l. to whom has the intention to inform us with regard to a real estate opportunity.

ALDI S.r.l. reserves the right to examine at its own exclusive discretion any information concerning available real estate properties, without being committed to a response or to a feedback on the evaluations thereof.

In case of interest, ALDI S.r.l. will contact the person who has performed the notice, in order to initiate a potential negotiation, subject to the definition of the requirements and arrangements thereof in compliance with the laws and regulations applicable in Italy.